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  • ZXT Gold: #1 Product of 2011
    Simply the best weight loss product...
    According to thousands of satisfied customers ZXT Gold is simply the best weight loss capsule for 2011. With great super foods and ingredients such as Bee Pollen, Chinese Yam and Lotus seed, you can't lose with ZXT Gold.

#1 Weight Loss Product

ZXT Gold contains a proprietary blend of all-natural herbs and extracts that will suppress your appetite and support the body as it eliminates excess fat and toxins, while naturally increasing your energy level as your body transforms into a fat-burning machine.

Healthy Quick Weight Loss

We are led to believe that quick healthy weight loss is unhealthy. Is that really true?

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Divide your meals up into smaller portions so you eat more often throughout the day.
The blend of herbs in ZXT Gold work to speed up the body's metabolism, causing the body to burn more fat than it can store.
ZXT Gold supports digestion, metabolism, the liver & breaks down dietary fat to promote a balanced weight and body type
Slows down the aging process by stimulating the growth of new skin tissue, increasing endurance, and helping the body cope with stress.

lose 25lbs in jusat 4 weeks
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Some have tried Jenny Craig & Nutrisystem to lose weight and the results were unsuccessful. ZXT Gold can help you lose the weight and keep it off. Get your bottle today.

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Floyd Nutrition

Floyd Nutrition is one of the largest nutraceutical wholesale supplier in the US. Each product we sell is made from the safest and most effective all-natural ingredients on the market today. With a commitment to customer and distributor satisfaction, we strive to make each experience with our company a positive one.


WARNING: This product is not suitable for pregnant or breast feeding women, children,
elderly, people with serious illness, and/or allergies to the ingredients. If you have any medical conditions that require medical attention, consult your doctor prior to use.


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Bee pollen
This super food enhances vitality, increases strength, endurance, energy, relieves brain fatigue, improves alertness and concentration, relieves stress, and anxiety. Bee pollen also helps to relief allergy symptoms, strengthens the respiratory system, improves digestion, and supports blood pressure and sexual functioning.

chinese yam
This soothing herb stimulates the
stomach and spleen and has a tonic
effect on the lungs and kidneys, speeds
the healing process, naturally treats
hyperthyroidism, diabetes, stomach
pain, digestive and respiratory disorders,
fatigue, poor appetite, diabetes and
emotional instability. Supports weight loss

Barbary wolfberry fruit
This ingredient improves vision-related
disorders, lowers blood pressure,
cholesterol, serves as an antioxidant,
slows down aging, protects the liver,
and reduces the growth of cancer cells

Lotus seed
Lotus seed reduces body fat,
regulates urination, relieves gastric
ulcers, diarrhea, abdominal cramps,
hemorrhoids, and aids in treating
cardiovascular diseases


Dietary fiber
Dietary fiber, or simply called fiber, refers
to plant cell wall components that are not
digestible by human digestive enzymes.
Dietary fiber can be degraded only by
anaerobic bacteria in the colon.




Lisa S. Lost 35lbs

I've tried Jenny Craig & Nutrisystem to lose weight and I was unsuccessful. I felt like I had just given away my money and my time. I was introduced to ZXT Gold in April of 2011. ZXT Gold has helped me to lose 35lbs in 7 weeks. I have my energy back, and my eating habits have seriously changed. Thank you ZXT Gold.




All Natural

ZXT Gold contains a proprietary blend of all-natural herbs and extracts that will suppress your appetite and support the body as it eliminates excess fat and toxins, while naturally increasing your energy level as your body transforms into a fatburning machine. ZXT Gold targets the trouble spots where fat often settles abdomen, hips, thighs, and arms. Bee Pollen and other natural ingredients in ZXT Gold help to improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of aging.

Healthy Quick Weight Loss

We are led to believe that quick healthy weight loss is not possible. It is said that you can have one, but not the other: either quick weight loss or healthy weight loss. Quite often, it is true that quick weight loss diet methods subscribe to an immediate gratification approach, ignoring many health concerns. However, most dieters do want to lose weight in a healthy way, but the strong desire for quick results often steers people to sacrifice their health for faster weight loss. Healthy quick weight loss is NOT an oxymoron: you don't have to choose between quick weight loss and healthy weight loss. You can have both with ZXT Gold. Buy a bottle and watch the weight disappear. Visit the "How It Works" page for more information on this amazing product